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Reaching Out to Bob

Bob spent most of his life communicating — through journalism and music. Now he hopes this Web site will be a way for him to connect with the world again in new ways.

Contact Us

Send A Message To Bob
If you would like to contact Bob, please send an e-mail to his daughter Stephanie DeLuca at Please know that she will read every e-mail to him, but he may not reply to every one given the effort and time involved.

Questions About How To Help
If you would like to make a donation to help Bob and his family, please visit How to Help. If you have other questions about how to help, please contact his daughter Stephanie DeLuca at

Questions From The Media
If you're a member of the media interested in learning more about Bob, please contact Alison Skratt at or (860) 881-0519.

Website Questions
If you have questions about this web site, please contact Alison Skratt with the contact information above.